Home Tuitions in Delhi And Kolkata

People select home tuitions because they know that schools cannot provide them with enough knowledge to prepare for the exams. And so is the case of Kolkata and Delhi. These two cities are also called an education hub, as students from all across India gather here to study.

This article explains, why home tuition in Kolkata and Delhi is required? also, it will give a brief about how online home tuition classes will help in fulfilling the requirements?

Why Cities like Delhi and Kolkata Need Online Home Tuition Classes?

According to the survey of 2016-17 – Delhi has 44.43 lakh student enrolled in 5,772 schools. This amount also explains the situation of the competition among the students in Delhi. And to handle this much strength of students, there are only 1,48,271 teachers. Similarly, looking at the stats of Kolkata, we can say that the student-teacher ratio is 40:1.

Plus, these two cities hold a vast majority of students, and Home tutors in Kolkata and Delhi is a common requirement.

Another factor is the varieties of board exams in India. In India, there are state boards and National boards. There are two National boards that are CBSE (Central Board of Secondary education), and ICSE (Indian Schools Certificate Education). Beside these boards, Delhi and Kolkata have their state boards too.

Which means students will be preparing for different exams. Therefore, for preparing for dissimilar board exams, different Home Tutors in Delhi and Kolkata are required. So, the increased competition in these areas attracts children towards home tuitions to do their best in board exams.

How Online Tuition is a better solution for Home Tuition in Kolkata and Delhi?

With the increase in technology, it is now possible to take online home tuitions too. There are several platforms that act as a bridge between tutors and students. Online home tuitions are not only helping students, but they are also creating jobs for teachers.

Online tuitions provide tutors for home tuition in Delhi and Kolkata. These platforms connect the missing dots from both the student and teacher’s life.

One such platform is Gurusiksha. Gurusiksha provides you with the best private home tuitions and has the most experienced and qualified home tutors. It even provides online home tuitions in all across India including Delhi and Kolkata. This platform is worthy of both time and money.

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